Writing a book marketing plan

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The advertisements will send traffic to 1. Your website will forever be under your control, and will never become obsolete.

Marketing plan for self published authors

But first of all, make sure you have a great book. A great marketing plan for a self-published book needs to analyze and prepare for three separate, specific areas: In-book. Good questions to ask here are: What needs do my audience have? We can engage with thousands of people just by hitting a few buttons. Finally… Give yourself realistic goals. Read this post by Copyblogger on guest blogging. Then, detail your expectations, your unique mission for writing your book , and why you want to share it with as many people as you can! Your list will look different again. Influencers can be podcasters, bloggers, or authors with strong email lists. You want to get your family and friends involved to start building momentum at the earliest stage so compile a list of who you can ask and how best to ask them. Remember to ask: Who will be buying my book? Write down who these people are and how you are going to get your work to them.

Do you think a book marketing plan is important for authors? Finally, your marketing plan needs one important thing to succeed: careful, purposeful thought and planning.

Nonfiction book marketing plan

Free ebook and video series as my list-builder and a 15 email auto-responder sequence that includes tutorials and useful information at TheCreativePenn. An influencer is someone who has a lot of promotional weight and can spread the word about your book to thousands of people with just a brief mention to their email list, on their blog, or by sharing on social media, for example. Plan your timings Write down all of the timings that are relevant to the book. Remember to ask: Who will be buying my book? Books can occasionally be seen as a commodity. Set your market price What do similar books sell for? What's your why? Understand your competition and the advantages your book offers.

Nothing else comes close. Communicate with your team regularly to keep them focused on weekly tasks, progress, and innovative ideas by doing the following: Strive to send one email per week preceding launch then increase it to three or more during launch week.

Writing a book marketing plan

Which groups would be interested in your book? These 4-page guides provide the spark to help you sell non-fiction or novels like wildfire! Or if your target readership is highly visual, you might choose to create a monthly mini-magazine filled with your own inspiring graphics, articles from your blog, embedded videos, quizzes and more. Build your website around yourself You need to have a website, and it needs to be built around you, not around your business or your book. I love creating new things in the world. It will change over time, and it will be different per book. As with everything else, write it in your marketing plan. This indirect promotion will strengthen the overall marketing strategy by cross-referencing posts, articles, and social media mentions. In business, a marketing plan is a large, comprehensive and usually pretty convoluted document that states the overall goals, mission, and strategic plans to capture a certain market share in the industry. You could send all of these people free copies of your ebook.

These mentions will begin during launch week and continue throughout the first two months at least after the launch date.

Authors usually make the mistake of assuming everyone is his or her potential reader when in truth, some people may prefer his book than the others. That second part is really important, and something many authors lose sight of.

Book marketing for self published authors

Build your website around yourself You need to have a website, and it needs to be built around you, not around your business or your book. A good plan helps keep you on track as you take your book to the masses. NOTE: We cover everything in this post-launch marketing section and much more about how to build a platform and maintain consistent book sales in our Sell More Books Program. Writing Courses Mentions: The author is currently writing, preparing, and recording a writing course to be released on Udemy. Your choice. The first time out of the starting gate, just do something. You may also see printable marketing plan outlines. I was dismayed to have to turn down highly appealing pitches from authors and their publicists every day, despite my interest in their books, simply because we no longer had the resources to cover them. Wherever you sit on the spectrum, it's worth having some kind of plan. How do you manage your strategy? Which groups would be interested in your book? You may not want to be the next bestselling author, earning dollars in millions for years to come, but you sure want to also profit from your work.

One good quote from a person of authority in your field can make a big difference to the success of your marketing campaign.

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