The relationship between authority freedom and

School council and others school committees such as Parents and Teachers Association P. If the state or government in power allows any conflicts to become violent markets, schools, colleges are closed down people cannot go out from their homes.

freedom and authority in education

A related concept to the two which is also important is freedom. In other words discipline can be term as the code of behaviour, using punishment to correct them. In this sense freedom in limited by authority which is the norm of the school. In the school situation students like to enjoy as much freedom as possible.

Fig 1. Lastly, freedom should be allow with limits to ensure oderliness and effective running of the school to achieve academic excellence. Students should be made to diagnose and understand the rationale of rules and regulations. Simon" No individual living in society can hope to enjoy total absence of any kind of constraints or restrictions.

Necessity of constrainsts for enjoyment of Freedom : i Scholar like Voltaire of France disapproves any kind of constraint for full enjoyment of freedom. This essay will discuss how and why their visions of freedom diverge.

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The Relationship Between Authority Essay Example