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He was then sent to a naval base in Shanghai, China to survey and map the countryside. He was in charge of the Conshelf Saturation Dive Program that conducted experiments on men who lived and worked at considerable depths along the continental shelves.

Kennedy — Throughout his career, Jacques received numerous honors and awards for his work. On 28 Junewhile the Calypso was on an expedition to Portugalhis second son Philippe, his preferred and designated successor and with whom he had co-produced all his films sincedied in a PBY Catalina flying boat crash in the Tagus river near Lisbon.

Using the device, Jacques joined the French Resistance movement to spy on Italian armed forces, documenting troop movement. With his increased celebrity and the support of many, Cousteau founded the Cousteau Society inin an effort to raise awareness of the ecosystems of the underwater world.

Katie Dec 9, am This article was very helpful but I would also like to know where he shot his pictures and examples of a few or where to find some of them.

In fact, the doctors had talked about amputating his right arm as it was infected. By the end ofThe Silent World had sold nearlycopies.

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Through more than television films and 50 books, Captain Cousteau opened up the wonder and mystery of the oceans to millions of households. Together they began to experiment with the newly invented compressed air cylinders, constructing snorkel hoses and body suits that led to the assembly of a scuba set. They had two sons, Jean-Michel and Phillipe. In time, they developed the first aqua-lung device allowing divers to stay underwater for long periods of time. Jacques went to the Red Sea and filmed the coral reefs and the bump fish that crunch them. Then, while he was training to be a pilot, a serious car accident ended his aviation career. His estate and the foundation fell into dispute among his survivors. The program ran for eight seasons and starred Cousteau, his sons, Philippe and Jean-Michel, and sea creatures from around the globe. To expand his work in marine exploration, Cousteau founded numerous marketing, manufacturing, engineering, and research organizations, which were incorporated in as the Cousteau Group. In he formed the Cousteau Society, a nonprofit environmental group dedicated to marine conservation. Plants were being poisoned. Reunited, the challenge of course was to see how long they could stay underwater and then how deep each could go. Cousteau helped to invent many other tools useful to oceanographers , including the diving saucer an easily maneuverable small submarine for seafloor exploration , in , and a number of underwater cameras. This is the last bit of info. Eventually, the new sleeker version of the Aqua-Lung allowed him to do somersaults, glide through water in any direction and laugh bubbles into the sea.

He even created his own films in which he played a villainous character complete with a painted mustache and cape. He fought the Germans as a gunnery officer in the French Navy. The accident caused him to break both his arms and could have even killed him.

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They married. Swimming and diving were wonderful, but beneath the sea was a whole new world of magical things to see.

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Jacques Cousteau Biography: His Childhood, Navy Years and Early Adventures