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Parts of Chapter 6 were presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Cultural Anthropology in the "Eating NatureCulture" panel; I thank Heather Paxson for organizing this panel and Brad Weiss for his astute commentary on my paper.

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We have opinions, passions and biases; we argue, we learn, we fall in and out of love. I am grateful for the Institute's material and intellectual support. During that period and since, Harriet Ritvo has been a thoughtful, rigorousand generous advisor and friend.

I am indebted to those in Berlin who provided. Financial support for this project was generously provided by a variety of organizations. Heather Paxson urged me to think more carefully about craft and gender, and my writing and teaching has been much improved by her advice, enthusiasm, and wise counsel.

My "home" among molecular gastronomers was the This laboratory at AgroParisTech. Many of the ideas formulated in this thesis - about biology and life, sense and nonsense - developed and incubated during BioGroop's vital conversations. They were also decent enough only to laugh a little bit when I mistook the phrase "Open Source" for "open sores.

Her writing is clean and lively, and she avoids overanalysis….

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Her scholarship on human-animal relationships profoundly shaped this book, as it has many others. Tester, Fernando Ugarte, Dwain W. The revision of the book manuscript was completed during a two-year postdoctoral fellowship from the Harvard University Center for the Environment.

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Synthetic: How Life Got Made, Roosth