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The Davis-Moore thesis does not explain, he argued, why a media personality with little education, skill, or talent becomes famous and rich on a reality show or a campaign trail.

Certain tasks in society are more valuable than others.

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Housing, clothing, and transportation indicate social status, as do hairstyles, taste in accessories, and personal style. How does social stratification influence the daily interactions of individuals?

Theories of social stratification

What examples can you think of that support the thesis? Today, while working conditions have improved, conflict theorists believe that the strained working relationship between employers and employees still exists. Tumin believed social stratification prevented qualified people from attempting to fill roles Tumin Illustrate your ideas with specific examples and anecdotes from your own life and the lives of people in your community. Conflict theorists try to bring awareness to inequalities, such as how a rich society can have so many poor members. The cashier position does not require the same skill and training level as firefighting. Handbook of European Societies. Further, the module will 4 present common issues in applying qualitative as well as quantitative techniques of comparison and possible solutions as found in the literature. Do you agree with Davis and Moore?

For example, an underprivileged youth has less chance of becoming a scientist, no matter how smart she is, because of the relative lack of opportunity available to her. The thesis states that social stratification is necessary to promote excellence, productivity, and efficiency, thus giving people something to strive for.

Private job agencies often pay lower hourly wages.

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With such opposing interests, the two groups were divided by differences of wealth and power.

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Social Stratification and Inequalities