Reasons australian federation essay

Federation took place because of the need to be more organised, to improve the defence of Australia, better transportation, stronger communication, to unify the economy and to strengthen the pride of being Australian. This was one of the better ways to communicate amongst the whole of Australia.

This created growing Australian nationalism. There were many reasons for federation, but one very crucial factor pushed federation through and united the country. Many people moved between the colonies to find work and sporting teams had begun to represent Australia. Essay Federation for Australia was when six independant Brisitsh colonies were no longer divided. On the death of the Queen, the Tocsin reflected that Victoria must have been an extraordinary person to have survived so many years of the 'withering artificiality of Court life' and 'the handicap of the gruesome hereditary infirmities of Royal blood'. The paper expressed a regret that the Queen was 'not born to a better fate than to be the occupant of a throne' Tocsin, 24 January The process took place through many conventions involving elected delegates from each state. They were to be the biggest contributing factor to Australia becoming a Federation.

Federation happened in when the six separate Australian colonies came together to form what is now the Commonwealth of Australia. An example of this is Queensland, which employed Kanakas. Other discussion centred upon equal representation in areas such as the role of women, both as voters and as Parliamentarians, the place of unions and the development of an arbitration system to facilitate smooth industrial relations.

Most Australians, however, preferred an Australian Federation to an Imperial one. In addition, there was an important sense of nationalism.

Reasons australian federation essay

After Federation all the railway tracks amongst the country were identical. However the much more convincing reasons came from those who wanted to federate.

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How and Why Did Federation Occur in Australia?