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The wife holds the child, and they begin to argue about who should take care of the baby. The couple begins grasping the baby by the arms. Raymond Carver Get out of here! T There are a lot of interpretations we can find on the Internet and the question is why such a short story as "Popular Mechanics" by Raymond Carver became so popular. American Gothic Tales. He moved toward her.

She would have it, this baby. I want the baby.

Raymond carver short stories

Share this:. Recent Posts. Let's see the text: The man seems to keep a calm attitude about the situation while the woman is yelling. New York: Vintage Books. Though it is only mentioned in one sentence, it acts as foreshadowing for what will happen later in the story as both parents are pulling on the baby. I think that the main idea of the story is to represent a mechanism of breaking up without emotions. External links. The baby was slipping from both people, but they held on harder and pulled in the opposite directions.

Raymond carver, sources for your essay Raymond essays - why be concerned about the assignment? They act as robots, as actors who are playing their own roles.

As the couple pulled on the child from its arms, it is apparent that they harmed the baby in some way, hence the last line of the story: He felt the baby slipping out of his hands and he pulled back very hard.

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But it was getting dark on the inside too. Retrieved 24 October The author uses "just-telling-what-happened" style.

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