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Shortages of rice and other foodstuffs and subsequent increases in their prices were greatly felt by the people. The purpose of the essay is to demonstrate how the early intervention strategies can help to address the issue of juvenile delinquency. As with any systems model, interactions are bidirectional, such that changes in one aspect of the system may affect relations and processes throughout the system.

This is a substantial contribution since most studies in this field are solely based on econometric correlations and make no attempt to contextualize their findings using qualitative evidence. The new structure was purely British in conception and operation. The crops continued to be adversely affected by natural enemies and there were limited agricultural advances to increase yields as the peasant's technology had changed only slightly over the years and the growth of agricultural production was further impeded by the rapid expansion of rubber cultivation in the early twentieth century Bray ; Drabble ; Elson Further, juvenile court involvement and intervention has been shown to stigmatize youth.

In practice, each department filed reports to provide information on and explanations of various incidences along with what was considered to be their causes. Tregonningp. Although, we can better study the issue, if explore it in different societies.

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