Planning coursework starch and amylase

Planning coursework starch and amylase

Set up the experiment as shown in the diagram. An enzyme acts on substrate and may do its job inside or outside the cells. Conclusion: I have found out that temperature affects the speed at which amylase digests starch into glucose. Enzymes act as biological catalysts, breaking down substrates without needing a high temperature, allowing all the chemical reactions of metabolism to take place, regulating the speed at which they progress, lowering the activation energy and providing a means of controlling individual biochemical pathways This reaction, which I am going to investigate, is called the protein test for starch. Amylase is measured by mixing a substrate with a buffer and measuring the change of the mixture. I predict that the colder the temperature, the slower the reaction between the starch and amylase will be. The water used in steeping must be alkaline to help prevent bacteria souring of the water. Introduction: Thousands of chemical reactions take place in our cells and those reactions need to happen quickly in order to keep us active. This is true for enzymes up to about 40OC The reasons why I believe that this will happen are due to my background research and also to my knowledge of particle theory. The mother bulbs are scaled and stored in a favorable substrate.

The enzymes catalyze chemical reactions beginning with the binding of the substrate to the active site on the enzyme Although the 0. The polypeptide chain or chains within an enzyme are folded to form a specific active site. Cross linking takes place between the R groups of the amino acids and forms a unique three dimensional molecules.

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This means that the pancreas is a dual function gland in which is the reason why the pancreas is such a vital part of the digestive system.

Conclusion My results show that as the temperature of the amylase and starch solution increases the rate of reaction of increases up to 40 degrees then as the temperature rises above that the rate of reaction decreases.

I know that the more common enzymes work best at around I also intend to investigate the effects of changing one or more of the variables involved in the experiment.

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Addai found the sucrose as an essential and major carbohydrate in Lilium bulb, because breaking and metabolism of this sugar are important to facilitate the growth of storage organ, inflorescence and others

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Investigate the effect of temperature on amylase activity