National boundaries make little geographical or economic sense nowadays discuss

It defines who we are. Technology has shortened travel time from months to just mere hours and this has inevitably resulted in the increased mobility of people.

when did countries start having borders

And all these are not just for businesses. To what extent do the newspaper and magazines that you read deal with what is trivial rather than what is important? The conditionality attached to these programmes is a clear example of policies within the borders of a state being decisively influenced by an outside agency, over which citizens have no rights.

Whilst the Silk Road was once an important route for globalization and trade, with the explosion of information technology, trade routes that matter geographically, are diminishing in significance.

borderless nations

It has to be conceded that compared to that in the past, the world has become more united as a whole. However, one may also argue that although national boundaries remains significant in the real world, it is not the case when the virtual world is considered. Those natural resources are usually the most powerful engine that fuels the development of the country and the right to utilize them is often indicated by the national boundaries.

The increased internationalisation of political decision-making in supranational forums only magnifies this de facto loss of citizenship rights, creating a sharp disjuncture between the principles and practices of democratic, state-based citizenship, which will in turn result in a devastating geographical impact on a country.

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