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This is a new world of people-powered marketing. However, she has used that personal perspective to rethink marketing at Danone. And we created the Making Of… video. I traveled a lot, met with many people and we came up with one single observation: that the main force urging for marketing transformation was not tech or data or AI.

But now, with technology, we can isolate what each and every person wants and develop the individual offer or message.

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It's a power shift from big corporations, experts, medical experts, governance, powerful people to ordinary people — each of us — because people and technology are really empowering each other. It can be about content, tools or organization. Customers watched that and then showed it to their friends and it went viral incredibly quickly.

And we built on that with applications where people could interact with our content, adding their own faces to the video or turning their friends into babies.

It's not one shot, it cannot be one shot. But they also work with me to define what the future of digital should look like and how we can engage the organization worldwide into this transformation.

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People have an unstoppable desire to drive the change, to participate and to use their voice. About a 2 minute read.

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