Jasper jones chapter summary

After they hide Laura, Jasper pulls out an unlabelled bottle of alcohol and starts drinking. He survives in Corrigan in part because he dreams of leaving, and the dreams give him strength and hope.

The story takes place in Corrigan, Australia during the Vietnam War. The Chapter ends with Charlie thinking about the idea that Laura Wishart is dead and he goes to bed.

Later in the chapter. When the door opens he saw his mum walking out laughing, he then wondered if she was drunk.

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His mother was in it with a man. The Sargent of Corrigan wants to talk to Charlie and his mother, they walk to his housewhile walking Charlie notices that An Lu is returning to his house and not looking to good.

Update this section! Charlie finds cricket dull, but he gets up to leave the house and find Jeffrey, quickly drinking all the coffee his mother gave him. Charlie denies that this will happen, but Jasper points out that even Charlie immediately thought of Jasper when he saw the dead body. He smiles and brags about his bowls, and Charlie jokingly compares him to Muhammad Ali.

Active Themes Charlie looks through his notebooks. He tries to think about Eliza, and imagines smelling her, holding her hand, and touching her waist.

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Jasper Jones Summary & Study Guide