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Company brochure content samples

Do keep it relatively simple. A firm brochure is the equivalent of a firm handshake; it promotes confidence and competence. However, those huge text blocks can feel overwhelming and actually discourage them from reading. If your CTA is buried in a mountain of text in the last paragraph on the last page of your brochure, guess what? Start making professional-quality brochures with these templates. Plenty of space for images of the property as well as for your engaging descriptions makes this template a powerful tool in your real estate marketing arsenal. Here are a few examples: What are your ink options? If you really need a five-page brochure to tell your story then create that. If you can, visit printers so you can see their work in person. Thankfully, this marketing brochure template uses incredible photos that will print beautifully. At the same time, it's clean and professional, giving your brand room to breath. In most cases, glossy thick paper works best, although there can be exceptions.

Below you can see the original brochure, and how the front of it attracts the human eye. Now go make something great.

brochure writing examples

I think they blew up because they make marketing collateral seem more genuine. So stop using weak CTAs and say exactly what you want the reader to do!

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Dark fonts stand out against light backgrounds, and vice versa. If you want your CTA to actually inspire people to take action, make it big, bold, and impossible for them to miss. Your images are the first things people will see, so they should help you connect with your reader and illustrate what you do.

More from Entrepreneur New York Times bestselling author Nicole Lapin can help you pitch your brand to press and strengthen your media training.

brochure writing samples
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Brochure Samples