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And of those who had given up and passed on I could list a score. Along with these personal defeats, Fitzgerald had to face the plight of witnessing a new world order replacing the older one. I took a dollar room in a drab little town where I knew no one and sunk all the money I had with me in a stock of potted meat, crackers, and apples. The boom of the Twenties however was short lived. But as the withdrawal persists there is less and less chance of the bonanza—one is not waiting for the fade-out of a single sorrow, but rather being an unwilling witness of an execution, the disintegration of one's own personality… Unless madness or drugs or drink come into it, this phase comes to a dead end, eventually, and is succeeded by a vacuous quiet. I could have peace and happiness with these few categories of people. Scott Fitzgerald: The Crack Up was familiar with, the people he had some kind of relation with, made him aware of the intense crisis in which his mind was caught in and this knowledge cracked him up. They raise their cell phones and take pictures of each other, of the house.

It is not a matter of levity. The old dream of being an entire man in the Goethe-Byron-Shaw tradition, with an opulent American touch, a sort of combination of J. Contemptuous : Manifesting or feeling contempt; scornful Catharsis : Noun Source: Ancient Greek Purification of the spirit through art.

The essays that clearly gave a detailed insight into authors mind while he was going through a phase of acute depression and hopelessness were poorly received by the critics and contemporary authors.

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Proletariat: The class of industrial wage earners who, possessing neither capital nor production means, must earn their living by selling theirlabor. His last novel, The Love of the Last Tycoon was left unfinished and was published posthumously in In his writings he reflected the trends and conventions of his contemporary times and his works came to symbolize the Jazz Age.

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They now had the right to vote, with women getting recruited for several white collar jobs they were financially independent, and with the easy availability of birth control methods like the diaphragm they could be sexually confident.

I found I was good-and-tired. I went away and there were fewer people.

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If you've had enough, say so—but not too loud, because I have the feeling that someone, I'm not sure who, is sound asleep—someone who could have helped me to keep my shop open.

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