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Sony just launched the world's fastest SD card. Our APA format maker develops your references in a snap! Remember to evaluate your sources for accuracy and credibility. Include the list of references on the page after the text. A DOI digital object identifier is basically a number that links a source to its location on the Internet. Also, capitalize the first letter in most words. Since the authorship and location of Web sources are harder to establish, readers need even more information in order to assess sources and to retrieve them for further study. Included in this reference list are all of the sources you quoted or paraphrased in the body of your paper. If there are any proper nouns in the title, capitalize the first letter for those as well. Questionable sources could result in a poor grade!

Interview by S. McGuire, Morrison, Reynolds, and Thomas argue that … As you can imagine, citing a source with 3—5 authors takes up a lot of space in the text. To learn more about citations, check out this page on crediting work.

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City, State abbreviation or Country: Publisher. Klinge and Rogers found that mirroring is instrumental in developments of performative gender roles.

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Example: Finney, J. Example: Thompson, H. Italicize this information. Additionally, perceived web quality, which encompasses visual design, has a positive relationship with both initial and continued consumer purchase intention. Example: Sayre, R. It is therefore important, if one is provided, to use it when creating a citation. Last name of Editor Ed. One reason is to give credit to the authors of the work you used to help you with your own research. Even though each table is numbered, also create a title for each that describes the information it contains. Displaying where the original information came from is much easier than you think.

Sample - Reference Page APA: Make sure you run your completed paper through the Citation Machine Plus smart proofreader, which scans for grammar, spelling, and plagiarism.

Last name" portion if it's a different individual than the writer. How to Structure the Title For book titles: Only capitalize the first letter of the first word in the title and the same for the subtitle. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas: A savage journey to the heart of the American dream.

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Periodical Title, Volume Issuepp. Also, read up on how to be careful of plagiarism.

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