Build bridges not walls

I believe we need to inspire our kids to follow their passions, while letting them inspire us to do the same. Case In Point: Earlier today, I was driving to the store, and saw a bunch of those people on the side of the road ambling towards the crosswalk.

Build bridges not walls

Those people never listen. The one walking down the hall, shuffling through your papers, as you pretend not to see someone coming your way. Those people drive me nuts.

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Now, I am doing my best to see where we connect first, not only where we disagree. Ready to break the habit of us vs them, good vs evil, box vs, well, unboxed? Great professional learning will make you think about how you teach every day. The one who averts their eyes when something is hard to see because it makes you feel something. With the exception of orders placed on Saturday, all orders will be shipped the next day. Why do we have pain? Returns made after 30 days will be credited at the current selling price. Everyone there is arrogant. It is the Catholic Church, where the bishop must take control of this as the pastor. We recommend that you send your items with a tracking number or delivery confirmation to ensure safe delivery to San Franpsycho. All you have to do is look in the mirror. If you have decided to return your merchandise anytime after 30 days, you may do an exchange.

Those people never focus. If I may use an image: Dialogue cannot be made in a laboratory.

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Inventory availability The availability information presented on our site is the most current, accurate inventory information we have, but errors do occur and this information does not constitute a guarantee or promise of availability. Those people are constantly talking.

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Build Bridges Not Walls