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We can refute and say no the New Deal was radical. Background information are specific events that happened. And it doesn't even say that we only have to talk about the United States. It correctly brings forth the colonial distinctions between internal and external taxes and gives specific laws that illustrated it.

The colonists were probably angry over how the king was trying to divide them.

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Point-of-view goes beyond just the individual author of a document, but the group that author represents. Now this is the last essay that you'll be writing on the AP exam, and you get 35 minutes to do it, which is considerably shorter than the DBQ section, but the nice part about this is that you don't have so spend so much time looking at all of those primary documents.

Contextualization Example Example Prompt: Evaluate the relative importance of different factors that caused the movement for American Independence between and

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AP U.S. History Long Essay Example Essay