An analysis of the effects of louis xvi on france and the french revolution

An analysis of the effects of louis xvi on france and the french revolution

Most of the nobility of France fled the country. Also witnessed here is the first appearance of a new archetype: the Jewish revolutionary.

How did the french revolution end

The French Revolution of was one of the most important events in the history of the world. Under King Gustav IV Adolf , Sweden joined various coalitions against Napoleon, but was badly defeated and lost much of its territory, especially Finland and Pomerania. The evening before he died, Louis had a final farewell dinner with Marie and their children. This time in French History was important to the people of France because of the different types of government they had. Also included in this estate were the nobles. As a result, they stormed the Bastille. By this time she suffered from tuberculosis and possibly uterine cancer, which caused her to hemorrhage frequently. Many rumors circulated around France that led to her downfall. The Third Estate consisted of the commoners. They were convinced that the royal family lived in luxury oblivious to the problems of the common people. One prison massacre saw 3 bishops and priests slaughtered. Highways were now ruled by bandits. Though the United States and the French won the war, the British defeated the main French fleet in and successfully defended Jamaica and Gibraltar. The word "democrat" was proposed by French Ambassador Citizen Genet for the societies, which he was secretly subsidizing.

Unfortunately, French nobles blocked many of his reforms, and he was the victim of a cyclical agrarian depression in that led to food shortages. It is believed the couple did not consummate their marriage for some time, having their first child eight years after their wedding.

Causes and effects of the french revolution

Marriage Twelve-year-old Antoine was the only potential bride left in the family for the fourteen-year-old Dauphin of France, Louis Auguste, who was also her second cousin once removed after her sisters died of smallpox while one was crippled. In the bourgeoisie, there were the merchants and manufacturers, lawyers, doctors and others similar to those types of professions. Louis XVI tried to counter this by locking the chamber doors and guarding them by soldiers. Weishaupt listed the goals of the Illuminati: Abolition of monarchies and all ordered governments; Abolition of private property and inheritances; Abolition of patriotism and nationalism; Abolition of family life and the institution of marriage; Establishment of communal education of children; Abolition of all religion. His disregard of his promises to abide by the constitution led to the storming of the royal palace of the Tuileries on Aug. Perhaps 40, priests fled France; up to 5, of them were executed; and another 20,, including 23 bishops, renounced Christ to save their own skins. That November, proof of Louis XVI's secret dealings and counter-revolutionary intrigues was discovered, and he and his family were charged with treason. Also living at this time was the ultra-patriotic soldier named Nicolas Chauvin. Louis had failed to address France's financial problems, instigating the French Revolution that eventually descended upon him. The National Convention abolished all feudal customs and ended all slavery. Monarchy was abolished before they were even dead and a republic was formed. Upon arriving at the port of Granville and realizing they had been deceived, they decided to go home. This caused the price of flour to increase, which in turn raised the price of bread. They were to young to undertand what to do. Tithes were prohibited by law, and the concept of Christendom was dissolved.

Marie preferred her hobbies and living in luxa than ruling a country that was'nt even her own. Then came the 'Reign of Terror'—deliberate government policy to not only destroy Christians, but to create an atmosphere of fear so as to squelch all dissent.

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Thinkers who argue from the state of nature find it easy to say that all men are born free and equal, but that is only because in that imagined state there are no standards to measure people by and at birth no talents to compare.

In Novembera hidden iron chest had been unearthed at the Tuileries Palace. The political inequality of the three estates played a huge part in the disruption.

effects of the french revolution

Modern historians attribute this behavior to a clinical depression that left him prone to paralyzing indecisiveness. With the help of troops, he overthrew the government in The only religious worship allowed was worship of the State, in which was encouraged revelry and blasphemy.

They were travelling on a coach from Paris that was going toward the border. Few people in France had seen the king personally but his image was printed on the currency. He ordered the other two estates to join the Third Estate in the National Assembly.

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She was arrested by the Revolutionary Tribunal and beheaded on October These came to fruition about In , after the total ending of the Reign of Terror, the National Convention established another constitution. Introduction The late 's found Paris at the center of international culture and France the most dominant power in the world. There is no measure by which human beings are equal. After a while, Louis XVI decided that it would be best if the three estates met together. Louis had failed to address France's financial problems, instigating the French Revolution that eventually descended upon him. Also known as Louis-Auguste. His wife, Marie Antoinette, met the same fate nine months later, on October 16, The French infidels rallying cry was "Crush the Wretch," meaning Christ.
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The French Revolution: Cause and Effect