An analysis of the effects of absent fathers on the self esteem of the adolescent male

Father absence theory

There's my mom, of course. Family environment scale manual. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 4, — Children's living arrangements and characteristics: March Black, single, working mothers in poverty: Preferences for employment, well-being, and perceptions of preschool-age children. Developmental Psychology, 34, 3— Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 61, —

In addition to this self-devaluation, there are feelings of guilt, "for being a bad child, for having caused the separation, for having been born. But I'm quite a "grown-up kid" now. A strong mother-adolescent relationship has also shown to protect adolescents in families without fathers from the risk of behavioral disorders associated with involvement with peers presenting such problems.

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Trajectories of gender role orientations in adolescence and early adulthood: A prospective study of the mental health effects of masculinity and femininity. More studies are necessary in order to increase our knowledge and, consequently, to increase our possibilities to understand and help patients.

Peer behavior and father absence have been associated with increased levels of behavioral disorders in adolescents.

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He repeated innumerable times that his mother had been like a father to him, that she had given him everything she possibly could, and that he had never needed a father; that a father for him was not missed at all.

However, such result proved no longer significant once environmental stress factors and maternal psychopathology were controlled. Google Scholar Marsh, H.

Children's living arrangements and characteristics: March Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 15, —

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Father absence and its influence on child and adolescent development: a case report